Silver jewellery needs care to keep it looking its best and it is susceptible to tarnish. How quickly tarnish develops depends on the levels of moisture and sulphides the piece is exposed to and body chemistry. However, it's easy to keep your jewellery looking bright by simply cleaning it, and tarnish can always be removed. To care for your jewellery, we recommend following the below steps.

CLEAN IT - Wipe your jewellery with an Anti-Tarnish Polish Cloth after wearing. We provide one Anti-Tarnish Polish Cloth free per customer, but it will eventually need replacing.

KEEP IT DRY - Remove your jewellery before bathing, exercise or sleep. Never wear your jewellery whilst swimming - chlorine will 100% turn your silver black.

AVOID LOTIONS & POTIONS - Avoid spraying your jewellery with perfume, hairspray, fake tan and other lotions and potions. 

STORE IT CAREFULLY - Store your jewellery in the box provided, which is acid-free with anti tarnish properties. Do not store with base metal jewellery or coins.

To restore the shine to tarnished jewellery, follow the steps below:

  • Clean the piece in warm soapy water. Use a cocktail stick or a soft baby toothbrush to gently clean within the print or engraving. Dry the piece with kitchen towel or tissue.
  • For very heavy tarnish, rub with a tarnish rescue pad, which contains micro-abrasives and will easily remove tarnish.
  • For mild tarnish, a wipe with a fresh Anti-Tarnish Polish Cloth will restore lustre. Use the same cloth reguarly to prevent tarnish getting a grip.
  • To return the sparkle to chain use a jewellery cleaning dip.
  • If you struggle to re-gain your jewellery’s sparkle then we are happy to professionally clean and re-polish your jewellery - this service can be purchased below.