Capture your own unique fingerprints, handprints and footprints in stunning 9ct and 18ct gold, rose gold, white gold and sterling silver jewellery. One of the UK’s leading fingerprint jewellers, we have been capturing precious fingerprints, handprints, footprints and pawprints in exquisite detail since 2012, offering several diverse collections of beautiful and original fingerprint jewellery and gifts.

Our Luxury Foundry Cast Collection is expertly cast from molten precious metal  in London’s prestigious jewellery quarter. Using the ancient art of lost-wax casting, each unique Fingerprint, Handprint & Footprint is captured in the finest of detail, with every loop, whirl and arch faithfully produced. This superior quality fingerprint jewellery is struck with a British Hallmark, beautifully finished, with a wonderful solid, heavy-weight quality. Our Engraved Jewellery Collection is hand made from 9ct gold, rose gold and silver in our Shropshire studio. Engraved with your unique fingerprints, handprints & footprints, this is a dainty twist on Fingerprint Jewellery. Our exclusive Embossed Leather Collection captures your prints & artwork in real leather, all hand worked in our Shropshire studio and each piece truly unique. We also have a collection of Personalised Gifts, made using your unique handprints and footprints and more.

Our collections include Fingerprint and Handprint Charms, Beads, Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Bangles, Keyrings & Cufflinks. Each bespoke piece is handmade in Britain and arrives beautifully presented in a ribbon-tied gift box. A gorgeous Personalised Gift, perfect for any parent, as a Wedding Gift, or as Memorial Jewellery in remembrance of a loved one.
To capture your fingerprints and handprints we provide a simple kit so you can easily take prints at home, or we can work with prints you already have. We also offer beautiful Gift Boxed Print Kits for those who are in a rush, or who are unable to take prints without spoiling the surprise! Perfect for prints from Babies through to Adults, our stunning silver and gold Fingerprint and Handprint Jewellery is the ultimate keepsake.

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