We use advanced laser technology to capture prints in silver and gold. This produces a deep and precise engraving that absolutely will not fade or wear away, providing jewellery is treated with care. To keep your jewellery looking its best please follow our care instructions, many of which are simply common sense.

Please do not be misled by other jewellers stating impressions in silver clay are superior to engraved prints. They are referring to engraving done by entry-level mechanical engraving machines that purely mark the surface of the metal. We do not use these machines. Instead we use high spec laser engravers which literally vapourise precious metal with a highly focused laser beam. This creates a superior deep engraving, which is also highly detailed and very precise. The depth of our engravings is easily equal to the depth of an impression made in silver clay, if not deeper.

Whilst we are comparing silver clay to our jewellery, please also keep in mind that our jewellery is made from hard rolled precious metal, with the exception of our impression pieces which are traditionally foundry cast. Both these methods produce jewellery that is far stronger and more resiliant than jewellery made with silver clay.

For fingerprints, providing we can see lines in your print, no matter how faint, then we will capture these clearly on the engraving. Our fingerprints are amongst the most detailed you will find, and have a depth to them that you can feel.

With hand and footprints, as these are miniaturised, only the strongest character lines in the print will remain.  However our unique techniques deliver the most detailed reproductions of hand and footprints that we have seen.

Hand and footprints can be taken from newborns through to adults.

Fingerprints can be taken from children over six months old through to adults.

If you are wanting to create a keepsake for a newborn baby then a hand and footprint piece is the best option.

We want to give you the best possible result, so will sympathetically clean up fingerprints, hand and footprints and pawprints to ensure this, whilst remaining true to the print provided. 

When taking fingerprints from older adults it is normal for cracks to be present within the print. This is part of what makes that print unique and these cracks will also be captured in the engraving.

Fingerprints, hand and footprints and paw prints are re-sized to fit perfectly within your chosen piece.

Our unique methods mean that we rarely receive prints that can't be used, however should this occur then we will contact you to re-take your prints and will offer guidance to help you achieve a better result. We are happy to take a look at your prints prior to ordering to confirm whether they are suitable for use.

Should you not be happy with prints and wish to take more, than you can order replacement kits here.

Yes, we can usually work with prints you will already have, simply e-mail these to – ensure you select that you will provide prints under Print Options when ordering.

We prefer not to be sent hard copies of your precious prints, and instead ask that you provide a photo or scan of them by e-mail. This removes the risk of prints being lost in the post.

Should it be necessary to provide hard copies of prints, then they will be returned to you with the finished jewellery.

We keep electronic copies of prints on file for approximately 6 months, after which point they are deleted, due to data protection requirements.

Because of this it is wise to save a copy of your prints on your own computer, so they are readily available should you wish to order further jewellery in the future.

If you wish us to use prints we hold on file for your order, please ensure you state this clearly in the Note to the Studio box when completing your personalisation requests.


Wherever possible kits are dispatched within one working day of us receiving the order. Kits are sent by first class post, and should arrive with you within 3-4 days of placing the order.

To allow us to manage our work flow and stock, we ask that prints or artwork are provided within 2 weeks of placing your order. In situations where this is not possible, we will allow up to 3 months from ordering for prints or artwork to be provided. After 3 months, should prints or artwork have not been provided, your order will be cancelled, and a store credit will be created. The store credit must be used within 24 months of the order date. We regret that no store credits or orders older than 24 months can be fulfilled.

Should you take longer than 2 weeks to provide your prints, then you should keep the following in mind:

1) upon receipt of your prints, the current making time will be applied to your order, which may differ to the making time stated when your order was placed.

2.) an additional charge may apply, should our making costs have risen substantially. In this situation you will be given the choice of paying the additional cost, or cancelling the order with a refund or store credit at the managements discretion, minus the cost of any print kits provided.

We always e-mail to confirm that we have received your prints amd to confirm the anticipated making time. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within 3 days of returning your prints then please check your junk folder before contacting us, as often our e-mails end up there! If this doesn't solve the issue then please do get in touch to check your prints have arrived safely.

It is possible to change your personalisation request after ordering, simply let us know of your amendments when returning your prints by e-mail. Ensure you state your amendments clearly, so our administrators will be able to make changes to your order without any confusion. Please do not rely on previous communications regarding amending your order - we absolutely require an e-mail with your prints attached, clearly outlining the amendments required.

Once we receive your prints, we will not be able to accept any further alterations to your order.

Certainly. We keep electronic copies of prints on file for approximately 6 months and can use these to make further items for you.

Essentially yes – your jewellery will be the same as the jewellery pictured in the product listing. However you should understand that each print is unique, and in this respect your jewellery will also be unique.

Each piece of jewellery is handmade and therefore absolutely unique. We do our utmost to ensure consistency but there will inevitably be subtle differences, which should be embraced as part of our jewellery's charm.

If you already have a piece of jewellery from us and want another created the same, then please provide us with a photo of your original piece of jewellery, and we will do our best to recreate this as close as possible. If you do not provide a photo then your jewellery will be made in line with the current product photo and product description.


The estimate making times for our products vary, so please check the product description for an accurate making time.

All making times begin from when we receive usable prints/artwork in the studio. 

All our products are made to order and highly personalised, so at busy times such as Christmas and Father's Day, you may need to allow longer. In particular please take note of any advised last order dates displayed on our site at peak gifting times.

Once your order is ready to be dispatched we will e-mail to let you know. Your order will be sent by Royal Mail. you can choose our Standard Delivery service, which should arrive within working days of dispatch, or our Special Delivery service, which should arrive the next working day from dispatch. Orders over £50 in value will need to be signed for. If you are out then a card will be left with details of how you can re-arrange delivery.

We are presently able to deliver to international customers based in the United States of America. Canada and Australia. International customers should be aware that delivery of their order may take an additional 1-2 weeks from dispatch, and that they will be liable for any custom duties or tax arising from importing jewellery into their country. Regretfully, due to the export, tax and accounting complications created by Brexit, we are currently unable to deliver to Northern Ireland or Europe.

We offer a priority service for the majority of our products which can be purchased here. This will prioritise your order to be made in 7 working days and delivered by Special Delivery, providimg you are based in the UK.

Please note: the priority service is not available for products made using gold, or for international orders. We are also not able to offer our priority service in June, August, November and December.


We ask you check your jewellery carefully upon receipt and in the unlikely event of a fault, notify us of this within 7 days of delivery. We will refund the postage costs should an item need to be returned within 7 days of delivery and will rectify the fault asap.

Should your jewellery require repair within the first 12 months from purchase then we will repair the item for free, however customers will need to bear the cost of returning the item to us for repair.

Please note that this guarantee does not extend to general wear and tear, such as a dents, scratches or worn leather. Nor does it extend to jewellery which has been lost or which has clearly suffered mis-use or inappropriate force.

In most cases we will be able to help at a very reasonable cost - get in touch.

Leather is a natural fibre and if worn daily then will inevitably show signs of wear. To prolong the life of your leather jewellery you should avoid exposure to water, lotions and perfumes, and extremes of temperature. You should also remove when doing exercise or sleeping. If you have a leather bracelet that is beginning to look tired we can remove your silver charms and attach them to a new bracelet at a reasonable cost – get in touch.

Handmade silver and gold jewellery requires care to keep it looking it's best. Detailed care instructions can be found here.

We also provide a complimentary anti-tarnish polish cloth with each order of silver or gold jewellery. The polish cloth should be used each time you wear your jewellery to prevent tarnish from forming. You will need to replace your polish cloth from time to time - we recommend Town Talk silver or gold polish cloths, which can be purchased from us, or are widely available elsewhere.

Precious metal, particularly silver, is subject to tarnish. Tarnish is not a sign of silver being poor quality, but simply an inevitable chemical reaction between the element silver, and moisture and sulphides present in the air and on your skin. Mass produced silver items are often coated in various chemicals to provide a temporary barrier against tarnish. This barrier does wear away after time, creating an illusion that the jewellery only tarnishes after a long period of time. Hand made silver jewellery is not coated in these chemicals, so you will need to pay attention to cleaning hand made silver jewellery from the beginning.

The good news is that tarnish can be prevented by simply cleaning your jewellery regularly, and it can also be easily removed should it form. However it's best to prevent tarnish getting a grip by gently wiping your jewellery with an anti-tarnish polish cloth after each wear. We provide you with a complimentary anti-tarnish polish cloth to get you going, but this cloth will need replacing from time to time. You should also store your jewellery in the box provided, which has been specifically made with materials that don't cause tarnish. If a piece has become very discoloured then the simplest solution is to use a silver polish cream or silver dip at home. But it is far better to prevent tarnish getting to this stage by using an anti-tarnish polish cloth every time you wear your jewellery. If you are struggling to return the shine to tarnished jewellery then we also offer a clean and re-polish service. More information about caring for your jewellery, plus replacement cleaning products, can be found here.


Get in touch and we will do our best to help