Hand and footprints can be taken from newborns through to adults. Ink and pencil fingerprints are best taken from children over six months old.

For True touch fingerprint moulds, it depends on what you want from your fingerprint jewellery.

Essentially, fingerprint moulds can be taken from people of any age. However as fingerprints grow and fade with us, a babies fingerprint will be as small and delicate as the rest of the baby. We wouldn't expect to see a strong print pattern from a baby, instead we would expect an impression which captures the shape of their little finger at this early age. Some very fine print pattern may be visible upon close inspection, it depends on the child and how well the mould has been made.

If you are wanting to see a strong fingerprint pattern then you should wait until your child is at least 2 years of age or older. The strongest fingerprint patterns are found on young to middle age adults, however prints from older adults tend to be fainter with shallower ridges. If you are wanting to take memorial fingerprints then its best to try both the mould and the ink fingerprints - we usually find ink fingerprints give the best result for memorial pieces.

When providing True touch fingerprint moulds, you will very much get a fingerprint with the same shape and detail in the precious metal, as the shape and detail in the mould provided. Please do not return moulds unless you are happy with both the shape and detail in the mould.

We are able to clean up ink and pencil fingerprints used to make our Ink Impression jewellery and Pattern jewellery. We are also often able to reveal the detail in an ink fingerprint which are otherwise difficult to make out with the eye.

We will always clean up hand & footprints and paw prints to ensure the best results are achieved. However we will not otherwise edit your prints, for example, fill in areas, unless you expressly request this by making a note by the print to be used.

When we receive your prints we will clean up any obvious smudges, and will then turn your print into a solid black and white image which is fed into our engraving machine. Only the strongest character lines in the print will be picked out, and the image will be shrunk to fit within your chosen piece of jewellery. As such, you are getting our artistic interpretation of your hand or footprint, not a scientifically exact photographic representation, and there will necessarily be some loss of the fine detail you see in a full size ink print.

We are able to work with both fingerprints and hand and footprints from adults as well as children. Adult fingerprints usually give very clear print detail. If you choose to feature an adult fingerprint on one of our smaller charms or pendants then it is likely that only part of the fingerprint will be used. If you wish the entire fingerprint to be featured then you will need to consider one of our larger pendants.

Should you order from our True Touch collection, then the fingerprint will be as close to life-size as it is possible to make. Should you order from our Ink Impressions or Pattern collections, then the fingerprint will be made to fit the item ordered and so won't be life size.

If we are unable to work with your prints then we will of course let you know. However, when it comes to the level of detail visible in your fingerprint mould, you are the best person to decide if you are happy with this, as its difficult for us to second guess your expectations. Please look at your fingerprint moulds closely and decide if you are happy with them before returning them to us. Once we receive your moulds we will assume you are happy for us to use them and by returning moulds to us you are deemed to have approved them for use.

Of course, if you return a mould which is unusable, or if it is completely smooth with no detail at all, then we will contact you to discuss. We will also contact you to discuss your moulds should you request this on your Order Summary.

Our print kits are generous, and contain enough materials to take several prints, however you are able to order replacement kits here.

If you take fingerprints and decide you would prefer to wait a bit longer to allow your child’s print to develop, then we are also happy to arrange a refund less the cost of the kit.

All of our prints and engraved text are captured deep within the silver or gold and absolutely will not fade or wear away. 

Wherever possible we always return your prints with the finished jewellery. Keep them safe as they can be used again to make more jewellery in the future. If you provide electronic copies of prints then we keep these on file for approximately 6 months, after which point they are deleted.


Yes, we can usually work with prints you will already have. In the case of ink or pencil fingerprints, or hand and footprints, you can simply e-mail these to – ensure you select that you will provide prints under Print Options when ordering.

If you have moulds you will need to post these directly to the studio – please contact us for the address prior to sending. If the moulds are of a sentimental nature then we recommend sending by Special Delivery. We recommend sending us a photo of your existing mould before sending to us, as we will not be able to work with all mould materials. In particular, fingerprints captured in any form of clay do not produce good results. Ideally a mould needs to be made from a fine silicone putty.

Prints should be returned within 3 weeks of placing the order. If you do take longer than this please be aware that there may be an additional charge should production or metal costs have increased significantly. Should this occur then you will be given the option of paying the additional charge, or receiving a refund less the cost of the print kit.

Wherever possible kits are dispatched within one working day of us receiving the order. Kits are sent by first class post, and should arrive with you within 3-4 days of placing the order. If you do not receive your kit within this time frame then please let us know, once in a while a kit goes astray, in which case we send another asap!

We are able to send kits by special delivery so that you can take prints from a loved one who has passed. Memorial kits are available to order here.

Yes, we will e-mail to confirm we have received your prints. If you do not receive this e-mail within 4 days of returning your prints please get in touch to check they have arrived safely. To prevent our e-mails being marked as junk, it’s best to add and to your contacts list. In particular, we have noticed that gmail and hotmail e-mail accounts have a tendency to put our e-mails in the junk folder. Adding us as a contact should stop this happening!

Once we receive your prints and Order Summary we will begin work on your order and won't be able to make any amendments. This is why it is important you check your order details on the Order Summary and Order Confirmation e-mail carefully. If you e-mail us to make an amendment after posting your prints then you should not assume we have received your e-mail unless you receive a response from us confirming this. It is advisable to phone and ensure we are aware of your amendments.

Certainly. We return fingerprint moulds to you for safekeeping, and this can be used to make more jewellery in the future. We keep electronic copies of pencil and ink fingerprints, and hand and footprints, on file for approximately 6 months and return originals to you for safe keeping.

Essentially yes – your jewellery will be the same style, shape, approximate dimensions and finish as the jewellery pictured in the product listing. However you should understand that each print is unique, and in this respect your jewellery will also be unique.

Each piece of jewellery is handmade and therefore absolutely unique. We do our utmost to ensure consistency but there will inevitably be subtle differences, which should be embraced as part of our jewellery's charm.

Each piece of jewellery is handmade and therefore absolutely unique. If you provide us with a photo of your original piece of jewellery we will do our best to recreate this as close as possible, but there will inevitably be subtle differences, which should be embraced as part of our jewellery's charm. Our making methods have changed over the years so you should expect a piece ordered today to look and feel slightly different to a piece ordered 4-5 years ago.


The estimate lead times for our jewellery vary depending upon the item ordered, so please check the product description for an accurate lead time. All lead times begin from when we receive usable prints in the studio. All jewellery is totally bespoke and hand made to order by Melanie and Jeff, this does mean that at busy times we may need a bit longer than the estimated lead time.

Our jewellery is sent by Special Delivery or Recorded Delivery. Delivery is usually made within 1-2 working days of dispatch and will need to be signed for. If you are out then a card will be left with details of how you can re-arrange delivery. We do e-mail to let you know when your jewellery has been dispatched.

As much as we would like to, afraid we can not speed up the production of our True Touch collection. If you are ordering from our any of our other collections, then we may be able to help, but please contact us to check prior to ordering, as this will very much be dependant on our workload and the item ordered.


We ask you check your jewellery carefully upon receipt and in the unlikely event of a fault, notify us of this within 7 days of delivery. We will refund the postage costs should an item need to be returned within 7 days of delivery and will rectify the fault asap.

Should your jewellery require repair within the first 12 months from purchase then we will repair the item for free, however customers will need to bear the cost of returning the item to us for repair. Please note that this guarantee does not extend to damage caused by wear and tear, such as a dents or scratches or worn leather. Nor does it extend to jewellery which has been lost or which has clearly suffered mis-use or inappropriate force. We can often help repair damage caused through wear and tear, however there will be a charge for our services in these circumstances.

In most cases we will be able to help at a very reasonable cost - get in touch.

Leather is a natural fibre and if worn daily then will inevitably show signs of wear. To pro-long the life of your leather jewellery you should avoid exposure to water, lotions and perfumes, and extremes of temperature. You should also remove when doing exercise or sleeping, as sweat is just as bad for leather as water.

If you have a leather bracelet that is beginning to look tired all is not lost. Whilst we can not rejuvinate the existing leather, we are able to remove your silver charms and attach them to a new leather bracelet, again at a reasonable cost – get in touch.

Detailed care instructions can be found here. We also provide care instructions and a complimentary polish cloth with each order. The polish cloth is intended to get you going on the cleaning routine needed to keep your silver bright and shiny and free of tarnish. It will need replacing within a few weeks once opened - the polish cloths we recommend are Town Talks silver or gold polish cloths. 

Precious metal is subject to tarnish, but the good news is it is easily removed.

Its best to prevent tarnish getting a grip by gently wiping your jewellery with a polish cloth after wearing - we provide a mini polish cloth with your order, but it will need replacing. You can find silver and gold polish cloths at most supermarkets, Town Talks polish cloths are recommended.

If a piece has become heavily tarnished then the simplest solution is to use a silver polish or a dip at home to remove the tarnish. If you have had a had prints darkened then you should not use a silver dip, and should avoid getting polish in the print, as this will remove the darkened patina from the piece. However if you would prefer us to clean and re-polish an item for you then we can do this at a reasonable cost.