Hold upon Heart is run by husband and wife team, Melanie and Jeff. We have years of experience under our belts and have fine tuned this to deliver consistently high workmanship. When we are not making jewellery we are busy with our three small boys - we are proud owners of twin boys and a third little boy with autism. These small boys are the reason we began making jewellery, and we have a lot to thank them for.


Since we began making Fingerprint Jewellery in 2012, we have constantly worked on improving our techniques to bring you the finest quality fingerprint jewellery. From humble beginnings, our little business now offers the widest range of quality fingerprint jewellery, available in both solid Gold and Silver, on the UK market today.


Our development focus over the years has very much been on achieving a truly high quality product. After all, each piece of fingerprint jewellery we create is incredibly meaningful to the wearer, whether featuring prints from a new baby, or memorial prints from a loved one, and we realise that such precious jewellery needs to be made to last. With this in mind, we developed our stunning Foundry Cast Collection, which offers unrivalled quality and print detail. Our other three collections are of course also made to a very high standard.



Our premium quality Foundry Cast Collection is made to order using the ancient art of lost-wax casting. Your own fingerprints, handprints and footprints are captured in jewellers wax, which picks up the very finest of detail from prints. Each wax model is created by hand using our own secret techniques. Once perfect, the wax model featuring your unique print is sent to be Foundry Cast in London's prestigious Jewellery Quarter by our expert caster. 

To transform the wax model into precious metal, a master mould is created, and the wax is 'burnt out' leaving a void into which molten precious metal can be poured. Once the metal has cooled the mould is opened revealing a perfect replica of your unique print in solid precious metal. Each casting is returned to us to finish by hand, involving several stages of grinding, sanding and polishing to achieve a quality surface with a beautiful shine. Each piece can be further personalised with an engraved message on the reverse. All our Foundry Cast Jewellery is struck with a British Hallmark and can be made in your choice of 9ct and 18ct gold, rose gold or white gold, as well as sterling silver. This is heirloom quality fingerprint jewellery.


Our Engraved Collection is hand made to order from precious metal sheet. Using traditional jewellers skills we cut each charm or pendant from silver or gold, before filing, sanding and polishing to a perfect mirror shine. We do not use imported mass-produced blanks, which is why we are able to offer our Engraved Collection in both sterling silver and 9ct gold. Our professional standard engraving machine then engraves your own unique fingerprints or handprints into the surface of the precious metal. Our Gold Engraved Jewellery is struck with a British Hallmark. Our silver Engraved Jewellery is not routinely hallmarked, although we can easily arrange for this should you prefer.


Our new Stamped! collection is a hark back to our earlier style of jewellery. This is where it all began, made from recycled silver using modern jewellery techniques, to create fingerprint jewellery with a hand-crafted look, complimented by a soft satin finish, oxidised lettering and prints, and hand-stamped text. All created by hand in our Shropshire studio, the making process is much simpler and shorter that our Foundry Cast pieces.


Technically what we do to our leather is debossing, but no one has heard of that! Our unique Embossed Leather Collection is hand worked from real leather in our Shropshire studio. Each key-fob, bracelet or cufflink front is cut by hand before incorporating your own unique fingerprint, handprint or doodle deep into the leather, using our secret technique.  All our leather goods are hand buffed with beeswax for added protection and a gentle glow.


With a natural flair for design, the aesthetics of our jewellery are as important as the quality of the precious metal. Although undoubtedly the most important element of our jewellery is the sentiment behind each print, we recognise that our jewellery also needs to be both beautiful to look at, and feel nice to wear. We take time and consideration when creating our designs, and when considering the layout of each unique piece, and it’s not unusual for us to create a piece in wax several times until we achieve the best possible impression of the fingerprint or handprint. We never send a piece unless we would be proud to wear it ourselves, even if it means discarding a piece in its final stages and starting again.


We are always working on developing new designs, indeed, we find we have more ideas than we have time to develop them, so keep checking back as there will usually be something new to catch your eye. We are also happy to try and accommodate your own ideas into a design if possible.


Each and every piece of Hold upon Heart is made in the Britain. The vast majority of our jewellery is hand made by ourselves, a selection of our bracelets and bangles, our chains and photo lockets are made for us by a leading British jewellery manufacturer,  We use very little in the way of mass-produced elements in our jewellery, preferring to make our own elements wherever possible. As a home grown British business ourselves, we do our best to support other British businesses, our casting house is based in London’s prestigious jewellery quarter, and our beautiful gift boxes are also made in the UK.


Our fingerprint jewellery is amongst the best you will see. We don't like blowing our own trumpet, but sometimes it’s just got to be done. This is supported by the feedback from our wonderful customers over the last five years and hopefully will be evident as you browse our jewellery. It’s the attention to the tiny things, combined with a dash of perfectionism that stands Hold upon Heart jewellery apart. Our aim is to make high quality pieces of jewellery that are loved so much they are worn day in and day out.