Hold upon Heart Fingerprint Jewellery
Surrounded by the beautiful Shropshire countryside and a trio of small boys, Melanie and Jeff created Hold upon Heart in 2012, offering a stunning collection of highly personalised jewellery, Each bespoke piece of jewellery is made in Shropshire, capturing your own unique fingerprints, your children’s hand and footprints, your pet’s pawprints, your hand written messages and doodles, your favourite family snapshots and cherished moments, truly telling your story.

After all, our stories are what make us

Our own story began in a big city and a whirlwind of love. Fast forward the years and we have collected gorgeous twins, a small boy full of rainbows and joy, a lot of tools, and over a decade of memories, laughter and love. It is this love that inspired us to begin making jewellery with a story to tell.  And it is love which we pour into each and every piece we make, although admittedly the tools are also a great help!

Our jewellery is rich in sentiment. Central to each piece is a feeling or memory, a moment of parenthood or celebration of a loving relationship, turned into something tangible and beautiful, to wear and enjoy forever. The forever part is important to us - our jewellery is made well and made to last. After all, jewellery such as this is often of great importance to the wearer, whether made from precious gold or simple steel. We use a mixture of traditional fabrication techniques, ultra modern technology and quality craftsmanship, to ensure our jewellery will be worn and enjoyed for a lifetime. We work with a wide range of materials including 18ct and 9ct gold, sterling silver, copper, stainless steel, aluminium, leather, wax, even paper and ink, and are continuously creating new designs and trying new techniques. We really are true creatives at heart, and nothing gives us greater joy than taking an idea from conception to completion. We like to think this shows in our designs.