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    Small but mighty, these little polishing pads are excellent at lifting heavy tarnish. Don't be shy - use them with a lot of pressure. The pads can be used until completely dark grey on both sides. 

    ~ 2 x 5 x 5 cm polishing pads.

    ~ postage included.

    Our prints are captured using Laser Technology resulting in beautifully detailed, deep-set prints. Lasered prints will far outlast "imprints" in silver clay & frosted surface engravings.

    Our jewellery is hand made in the U.K. using U.K. sourced materials. Established since 2012 we are specialists in memorial & keepsake jewellery.

    All our designs are made to order and fully customisable. Handwritten messages can be engraved on most of our designs.

    Wherever possible we use recycled, FSC certified or organic materials to make & package our products. Even the gold & silver used to make our jewellery is recycled.