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    Hold upon Heart are accomplished designers of memorial jewellery. We are able to consistently capture detailed fingerprints, handprints, footprints and Ashes in a wide range of materials, including sterling silver, as well as 9ct and 18ct gold in all colours. Each piece of memorial jewellery is made with much love in Shropshire, using the finest materials and a blend of ancient and ultra modern jewellery techniques.

    We already work with several funeral homes throughout the UK and have great experience with providing this sensitive service. Established in 2012, we offer truly beautiful memorial jewellery, created to a high standard. You can rest assured that the quality of our jewellery, and the guaranteed clarity of print detail, will provide your customers with the very best finished product and absolute satisfaction.

    No need to worry about tricky putty moulds - our experience in this area has shown us that this does not yield good results. All we need is an easy to take ink print, for which we can provide the necessary materials. We are the only fingerprint jewellers in the UK who can create a dimpled fingerprint impression, that your customer can feel, from a flat ink print.

    Having worked with memorials for over a decade, we understand just how important these irreplaceable pieces are, and can faithfully capture your loved one's cremation ashesfingerprinthand & footprinthandwriting and photographs in solid gold or sterling silver.

    Our beautiful collection of memorial ashes jewellery is hand made by us in the U.K from sterling silver and solid gold. Designed to allow you to wear your loved one's cremation ashes close to your heart, the collection includes charms, necklaces, rings, bracelets and cufflinks, with many designs unique to Hold upon Heart.

    If you are looking to offer memorial jewellery as a service then do get in touch with us at studio@holduponheart.co.uk, to discuss how we can help you provide your customers with the most beautiful memorial jewellery, whilst enjoying a commission on every sale.


    The best way to contact us is by e-mail - send a message using the form below or e-mail studio@holduponheart.co.uk - we usually respond very quickly. You can also contact us by phone during the week at 01952 883310.

    Our prints are captured using Laser Technology resulting in beautifully detailed, deep-set prints. Lasered prints will far outlast "imprints" in silver clay & frosted surface engravings.

    Our jewellery is hand made in the U.K. using U.K. sourced materials. Established since 2012 we are specialists in memorial & keepsake jewellery.

    All our designs are made to order and fully customisable. Handwritten messages can be engraved on most of our designs at no additional cost!

    Wherever possible we use recycled, FSC certified or organic materials to make & package our products. The gold & silver used to make our jewellery is recycled.