June 22, 2016 2 min read

Well we make it in a different way to most others - we don't use silver clay to make our jewellery, instead each piece is professionally cast in molten silver or gold - this results in jewellery of the highest quality. This is a process called lost-wax casting - you can read more about this here.

What exactly do we mean by quality? Well...

  • our jewellery is stronger than silver clay jewellery.
  • It is denser, so heavier, and is hallmarked so you can be assured of the precious metal purity.
  • All our links are soldered - most fingerprint jewellers do not solder links meaning charms often get lost.
  • Our fingerprint charms are not wafer thin but a solid 2mm thick.
  • Our fingerprint charms are flat and smooth - silver clay jewellery often warps in the kiln, and many smaller fingerprint jewellers don't understand how to rectify this.
  • Our fingerprints are true to life size meaning greater detail (silver clay fingerprints shrink up to 20%).
  • Our jewellery is professionally and beautifully polished to a smooth mirror finish - you will be able to see your face in it, and there will not be pockmarks and blemishes all over the surface - the same can't be said for most silver clay jewellery.
  • Our text is engraved using a professional standard engraving machine resulting in clear, bright-cut text in a font of your choice.

We also try to give the best service we can to our customers...

  • Our fingerprint kits are generous with full colour detailed instructions and enough material to make three moulds - more than most other fingerprint jewellers provide. Our handprint kits are generous too.
  • All engraving, gift boxes, kits and delivery is included in our prices so no surprises at checkout.
  • We include care instructions and a mini polish cloth with each order.
  • We have spent months building an informative and detailed website where we have tried to give you as much information and photos of our jewellery as possible.
  • You will receive a personal response to your queries by Melanie or Jeff. This does mean we can't respond instantly like a large company with staff might be able to. But you will be talking directly to the organ grinder. 
  • Each and every piece of Hold upon Heart jewellery is totally bespoke and made to order from scratch by only Melanie and Jeff, resulting in pieces of consistent quality made by two people who really care about what they do.
  • Our idea of good service is to make jewellery of the best quality that reflects the sentimental importance of the prints they bear. It is not to prioritise speed over quality. You will find other companies that make fingerprint jewellery faster using silver clay, but the quality will not compare to our cast jewellery. Quality takes time, and our cast fingerprint jewellery will truly be cherished for a lifetime.

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