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  • June 28, 2016 1 min read

    Fingerprint Jewellery is perhaps one of the most meaningful pieces of personalised jewellery. Wearing your loved one's unique fingerprint close to your heart certainly symbolises the love you have for that person. Recently I made myself a necklace featuring my three boys fingerprints in the shape of a horseshoe.

    Fingerprint Jewellery Horseshoe Necklace

    The horseshoe is a symbol for good luck (well, providing it is the right way up!) and I wanted to carry my three lucky charms fingerprints with me. We loved how this necklace turned out which got us thinking about other symbols that we could use to make fingerprint jewellery.

    Fingerprint Jewellery Ying Yang Keystone

    So far we've made a Fingerprint Keystone Necklace, and a Fingerprint Ying Yang Necklace.

    Jigsaw FIngerprint Necklace Autism

    We also made a Jigsaw Heart necklace - to me the three puzzle pieces interlocking is symbollic of the ties of brotherhood between my sons. This was also inspired by the puzzle piece being used to represent autism, a symbol close to our hearts as our youngest son is autistic. I have to confess I have always been intrigued by symbolism, and hidden layers of meaning in art and literature. Will definitely continue to explore this theme for more inspiration. 

    Another new addition is a small collections of personalised silhouette jewellery.

    Personalised silhouette jewellery

    We think these are super cute and that little bit different. I particularly enjoy the contrast between the frosted silver and highly polished silver. We also have some leather silhouettes!

    Personalised Silhouette Jewellery
    We have a list of new designs currently in the making - keep an eye on our "NEW" section!

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