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  • November 03, 2017 2 min read

    It's official, it's November, and that means Christmas is just around the corner! We have a few dates you should keep in mind this year, if you are wanting to surprise a loved one at Christmas with a gorgeous piece of Hold upon Heart jewellery.

    fingerprint jewelleryThe first date is the cut-off for our Foundry Cast Collection, which is on the 8th November so not far away at all. We really need to receive your prints by this date (or the 9th/10th at a push) in order to ensure we are able to make and deliver your jewellery before we close for Christmas on the 16th of December. We know this seems early, but the traditional jewellery technique used to achieve these high quality pieces is long and complex, and we do need approximately 6 weeks to make this style of jewellery. You can browse this collection by clicking on the image to the left. 

    The second date to keep in mind is the 1st of December. This is the date we need to have prints by for our Engraved Collection, Stamped! Collection and Embossed Leather Collection. The jewellery in these collections are all hand made to order, but the making processes are not as complex as with our foundry cast jewellery, and so we need 1-2 weeks making time, instead of 6! Again, you can browse these collections by clicking on the images below.


    The last date to keep in mind is the 6th of December, which is the date we need to receive prints and artwork by for our personalised paper art prints and personalised christmas baubles. Click on the image to the left to browse this collection.


    Don't worry if you are someone who doesn't start their Christmas shopping until closer to Christmas, as we can provide a festive Gift Boxed Print Kit with your order, which includes all print taking materials and a colour photo-certificate showing the jewellery ordered. You can then give the print kit as a gift to open on Christmas Day, and the recipient can enjoy taking the prints, returning the prints directly to us in the New Year for their unique jewellery to be made.

    Fingerprint Jewellery Christmas 2017

    Finally, we down tools on the 16th December when our three little boys break up from school. One of our little chaps is severely autistic, and it is not possible to work whilst caring for him, as he needs our full attention to remain safe. So we will be having 2 weeks away from the studio, to spend time with our family, and will return to making jewellery on the 4th of January.

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