Our Foundry Cast Collection is made to order using the ancient art of lost-wax casting. Your own fingerprints, handprints, footprints and pawprints are captured in jewellers wax, which picks up the very finest of detail from prints. Each wax model is created by hand using our own secret techniques. Once perfect, the wax model featuring your unique print is sent to be Foundry Cast in London's prestigious Jewellery Quarter by our expert caster. 

To transform the wax model into precious metal, a master mould is created, and the wax is 'burnt out' leaving a void into which molten precious metal can be poured. Once the metal has cooled the mould is opened revealing a perfect replica of your unique print in solid precious metal. Each casting is returned to us to finish by hand, involving several stages of grinding, sanding and polishing to achieve a quality surface with a beautiful shine. Each piece can be further personalised with an engraved message on the reverse. All our Foundry Cast Jewellery is struck with a British Hallmark.

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