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  • October 04, 2017 2 min read

    Memorial Jewellery is perhaps the most meaningful and personal piece of hand made jewellery to own. A large percentage of our customers come to us for memorial jewellery, and each time we feel honored to be entrusted with creating such a unique and precious piece of jewellery. 

    All of our fingerprint and handprint jewellery designs are suitable for memorial pieces, and we can faithfully cast your loved one's own fingerprint or handprint in solid 9ct or 18ct gold, white gold and rose gold, as well as in sterling silver.  

    We have three styles of memorial jewellery, the most requested being pieces made from ink fingerprints. Also popular are our fingerprint impression pieces, where customers have had opportunity to take a fingerprint mould of their loved one using our special fingerprint putty kits. The added symbolism of the actual finger impression makes these pieces so very special. Sadly, we also make a lot of memorial handprint and footprint jewellery for little one's born sleeping. We are often asked if we can create full size little handprints and footprints, and are able to do this. You can view all three jewellery collections by clicking on the images below.

    Memorial Jewellery - Ink FingerprintsMemorial Jewellery - Fingerprint ImpressionMemorial Jewellery - Baby Handprint and Footprint

    Many people come to us with prints they already have, perhaps prints are taken by the hospital or funeral directors, and we are able to use these prints to create our jewellery. However many people contact us requesting print taking materials, and so we offer memorial print kits, which allows them to concentrate on capturing their loved one's prints, without needing to think about ordering jewellery. Our memorial print kits contain all materials needed to capture your loved one's prints, and can be sent by first class post, or by next working day delivery should time be of the essence. It is also possible to capture fingerprints using pencil. You can find our memorial print kits, as well as our pencil fingerprint instructions, by clicking on the images below.  

    Memorial Jewellery - Fingerprint KitMemorial Jewellery - Handprint and Footprint Kit Memorial Jewellery - Pencil Fingerprint Instructions

    We have made many, many pieces of truly precious memorial jewellery for our customers over the years, so if you have happened upon us in a search for memorial jewellery, you can be assured that you are in good hands, and that we understand just how important these irreplaceable and precious pieces are. 

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