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  • Why Fingerprint Charms are a Great Christmas Gift for Men

    November 11, 2015 2 min read

    Here at Hold upon Heart we pride ourselves on offering beautiful and unique gifts for all the family, whether it’s a butterfly necklace for Grandma, a paw print charm for Aunty, or a personalised leather keyring for your husband, we have something for everyone. I find it particularly tricky shopping for gifts for men around Christmas time, as they rarely seem to give much of a hint as to what they want (or they have everything already!), so we developed our personalised gifts for men range hoping to make Christmas shopping for some of you lovely ladies a bit less difficult!

    Our collection of gifts for men includes personalised leather goods, silver jewellery and of course our ever popular fingerprint charms, Hold upon Heart’s gifts for men allows Daddy or Grandpa to wear the fingerprints, handprints, doodles and portraits of their nearest and dearest on their cufflinks, key rings, bracelets and even tie slides.

    fingerprint jewellery for men

    Our new and exclusive collection of personalised leather goods can be embossed with your child's own handprints & footprints, their artwork and handwriting, even their portraits, all available on our hand made leather cufflinks, keyrings and bracelets in a multitude of designs in classic black or warm brown leather. Our sterling silver fingerprint and handprint jewellery is also available in a more masculine brushed soft satin finish, as well as in the super shiny high polish. We can even arrange for your lucky fella's silver cufflinks to be gold plated.

    personalised jewellery for men

    From a romantic gesture of a silver charm with your own fingerprint on, to a Saint Christopher handprint necklace to be carried as a memento of a loved one wherever they go, we have the perfect gift, perhaps for those working away for long periods of time, or for those who are celebrating a new arrival, or sadly saying goodbye to a loved one - whatever the reason, the subtlety and sentiment of our jewellery speaks louder than words.  

    So undoubtedly, gifts for men can be difficult, but this is one gift  selection you cannot get wrong. With easy step-by-step instructions helping you to take your prints and a reply-paid envelope so you can return them easily, it’s a breezy and fun creative procedure which results in a beautiful and highly personalised keepsake to be cherished.

    fingerprint jewellery how to order

    They say somethings in life are priceless, when your husband, father, grandad, uncle or brother opens up their little brown box to reveal an exquisitely made, personalised set of cufflinks featuring your children’s fingerprints or your pups paw prints, the smile on their face will say it all. The greatest part about giving presents at Christmas is seeing appreciation and astonishment light up a loved one's face; we can guarantee this precious experience comes free with all of our handmade mens’ gifts.

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