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  • Quality Fingerprint Jewellery

    November 10, 2015 3 min read

    We are not very good at blowing our trumpet, but it was pointed out to us recently that we should. After all, our fingerprint and handprint jewellery differs (in a good way) from most of the other fingerprint jewellery that is out there, in several important areas. So, in a nutshell, here it is!

    • Quality: What makes a piece of good quality? For a start our charms are a nice heavy weight - no paper thin charms here. Our charms begin life at about 2.5 mm or thereabouts, and after much sanding and polishing they end up about 2mm thick. 
    • Finish: Always associated with quality is how well a piece is finished. Now silver clay is a rather unforgiving material, and a great deal of refining and no small amount of experience is required to get a piece looking flawless. We have spent years trying every possible means of finishing, learning from hands on experience and by never being satisfied with the "its hand made you cant get a good finish" line. Our jewellery doesn't leave the studio until it is flat, smooth and super shiny - no scratches, no dents, no rough backs, all links soldered and filed smooth. That takes a lot of effort on our part believe us.  
    • Detail: This is important, after all, this kind of jewellery is very much about your fingerprints and handprints. The integrity of each print is very important to us. For Handprints we spend a lot of time working on each print to ensure a true a rendition as possible in silver. If a handprint has clear lines, they will be visible in the silver. If there are no lines, we don't make them up, nor do we over exaggerate them. For fingerprints we have developed a technique to transfer your fingerprint to the silver, which differs to the technique used by many other jewellers. This is why we are able to capture all the fine detail present in the mould, even in babies prints. Of course we can't exaggerate this detail at all, what you get in the mould is what you will get in silver, but even the tiniest lines from a babies print will transfer to the silver. You will need to peer closely to see them though, much as you would need to on your babies finger! If you want a fingerprint to be enlarged then we can work with ink fingerprints to achieve this.

    • Design: Another important difference. When you buy jewellery from Hold upon Heart you are buying jewellery from two people with natural creative flare, with a natural eye for design and aesthetics - anyone who knows us would describe us as Arty! We have created hundreds of unique designs, many of which are exclusive to Hold upon Heart, and we have many more ideas in the pipe-line. Design is important to us, placement of your prints and text so that the whole piece looks right is important to us. We are also super self-critical and will often go back and forth tweaking a design until we are 100% happy that it is spot on.

    • Text: And following on from the above, you won't receive a piece from us with scratchy untidy writing. We have developed a unique way of applying our text which maintains the handwritten look but also achieves the depth and consistency of stamping.

    fingerprint jewellery best quality

    • Service: We like to think we are pretty good at  this, by which we mean you will get personal service and we will try our best to accommodate your requests and timescales wherever possible. What we won't do is simply bombard you with incessant e-mails about your order or about our jewellery, although we do of course confirm your order, confirm receipt of your prints and let you know when the jewellery is on its way. Our jewellery is also carefully packed and beautifully presented so that even opening the parcel it arrives in is a pleasure!

    So there you have it - now best go put that trumpet back in its case!

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