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  • New! Leather Handprints | Your handprints embossed in leather!

    May 12, 2015 1 min read

    As threatened here is our latest new concept - your loved one's handprints, footprints, doodles and handwriting captured on leather.
    personalised leather handprint keyring
    So what inspired us? Well, really our customers, who keep asking us if we have any ideas for men who wouldn't usually wear jewellery. We kept thinking wouldn't it be great if we could get the prints in the leather and no shiny silver anywhere in sight. And so we began researching, and then experimenting, and have now entered the wonderful world of leather work, which it turns out is just as technical and complicated as silver work, but equally just as satisfying!
    personalised leather bracelets
    Each leather handprint bracelet, leather handprint keyring and leather handprint cufflink begins life as a raw piece of leather, we then hand cut, bevel, burnish, emboss, dye and finish this using traditional hand tools to create our wonderful leather keepsakes. The bracelets are beautifully simple, and feel much like wearing a watch, so are definitely one for the chaps who don't usually like jewellery. And the leather keyrings are a much more practical alternative to our silver range of keyrings, and more affordable too.
    personalised leather doodle keyring
    We are very excited by this new addition, and will continue to develop new designs using this medium!

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