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  • Fathers Day and Fingerprint Jewellery

    May 06, 2015 2 min read

    Well its almost that time of the year again - but theres still time to get your fingerprint and handprint jewellery made for Fathers Day!
    We have a pretty large selection of fingerprint and handprint cufflinks & keyrings, as well as lovely personalised leather wrap bracelets, dog tags and St Christopher's. We also have a new product up our sleeve but more on that later :)
    So here is our top 5 fingerprint jewellery designs for men:
    1.) Fingerprint Flatie Cufflinks we love our flatie fingerprint cufflinks - no kit is needed you can take your prints and e-mail them to us using just tape and pencil!
    2.) Fingerprint Dog Tag a classic design which can feature 1 - 3 prints and names
    3.) Fingerprint Flatie Dog Tag smaller tags made using a pencil fingerprint - no kit needed! Plus all the essentials for dad to remember on the reverse!
    4.) Fingerprint Flatie Leather Bracelet Jeff's personal favourite - he has 6 beads on his, love this design.
    5.) Fingerprint Cufflinks - Double - a solution for those of you with more than 2 kiddies - we can fit up to 4 prints on these.
    And of course, our top 5 handprint jewellery designs for men
    1.) Handprint & Footprint Cufflinks ultra cute - we love these cufflinks sculpted around your hand and footprint.
    2.) St Christopher Pendant with prints on the reverse. A new twist on a classic design.
    3.) Leather Wrap Handprint Bracelet - a nice and relaxed way for dad to wear his little ones handprints.
    5.) Handprint Keyring another timeless classic - we can fit lots of prints on this!

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