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  • Schools out but we are still making!

    August 06, 2015 2 min read

    Hopefully you are all enjoying the summer holidays. We have not had much chance to yet as our three little boys have all been taking it in turns to get chicken pox since the beginning of July. Not much fun for them, we have not left the house together as a family for weeks! The pox is now thankfully subsiding, after all, there is no one left to catch it, but have a feeling it will be a while till we have them back to their full beauty.

    Aside from playing nursemaid to three little men, we have been busy (as ever) with making lots of beautiful fingerprint jewellery for you lovely folk. We have also recently started to sell our leather and silver handprint jewellery on Not on the High Street, which is very exciting. Plus we have been busy slowly updating our website, hopefully you will soon find all the information you need about an item in the listing, instead of having to root around in the information pages, as well as peruse all the lovely photos we have added. Taking photos of silver is an art form in its self and has been an upwards learning curve!

    But everyone deserves a holiday and we will be off for a few days next week to visit nanny and grandad seaside. Don't worry, we will still be able to send out print kits, but there will be a couple of days lull in the making side of things - I can not transport all my tools to Devon together with the twins collection of power rangers and Noah's trampoline (which comes everywhere with us as he is autistic and bouncing is one of his things). Will be nice to have a give my hands a chance to recover from all the polishing and to have the odd lie-in, but mostly, I am looking forward to spending some real quality time with my three boys and their daddy :)

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