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  • November 19, 2023 2 min read

    Yes, it's true, it's mince pie season once again! With Christmas just around the corner we are already busy working away making lots of beautiful fingerprint, handprint and memorial jewellery. Our order dates for Christmas this year can be found below:
    The last date for ordering Memorial Ashes Jewellery for Christmas delivery is tomorrow (Mon 20th Nov), but as long as we receive your ashes by the end of the week we should be ok for Christmas delivery.
    The last date for ordering our Fingerprint, Handprint and Pawprint Jewellery in time for Christmas is also looming -  the 27th of November. But as long as we receive your prints by the end of November Christmas Delivery will be fine.


    Once we have fulfilled all orders received before our cut-off dates, we will begin work on orders placed after the dates. If you returned prints/ashes within a few days of the cut of date passing, then there's a good chance we will be able to make your order in time for Christmas, although it is not guaranteed.


    All orders received in December will be given the option of receiving a photo gift certificate free of charge. This is presented is a beautiful festive card, which you can give to the recipient on Christmas Day, with the promise of unique jewellery to follow. This is quite nice as it allows the recipient a chance to take prints themselves, if applicable, and also to have some input in the personalisation of the final piece. Plus it gives them something to look forward to in January!
    Christmas Fingerprint Memorial Jewellery


    We had a few questions about Black Friday - as in previous years we won't be participating in Black Friday or Cyber Monday. All our products are hand made to order so we don't have excess stock to clear, plus as a business, we prefer to offer a fair price all year round, rather than having periodic sales. Old fashioned we know, but there we are!

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