memorial fingerprint jewellery

Memories are incredibly precious, never more so than at a time of loss, and you may be looking for Memorial Jewellery to commemorate a loved one. You are in good hands, as we have made many pieces of memorial fingerprint and handprint jewellery and understand just how important these irreplaceable and precious pieces are. We can faithfully cast your loved one's own fingerprint or handprint in solid 9ct or 18ct gold, white gold and rose gold, as well as in sterling silver. 


You don't need to think about ordering jewellery now, but you will need to order a print kit so you, or the funeral director, can take your loved one's prints. Our Memorial Print Kits can be ordered here, and are easy to use, containing all the materials you need to take several prints. Memorial Print Kits can either be sent by normal first class post, or by Express Next Day Delivery. If you haven't time to wait for a Print Kit then you can easily capture a fingerprint using a pencil, tape and paper - full instructions can be found here.  Fingerprint Moulds, Ink Fingerprints and Handprints and Footprints can be used repeatedly to make as many pieces of memorial jewellery as you would like, and we return all original prints to you with the finished jewellery. If you already have prints from a loved one then we will be able to use these to make your memorial jewellery.


When you are ready, browse our designs and choose the piece you would like us to make. Then simply place your order through our website, letting us know that you will provide your own prints during the check-out process. Once you have placed your order simply e-mail Ink Fingerprints, Handprints or Footprints to us. Fingerprint Moulds should be sent by post using Special Delivery to ensure their safe arrival.


memorial fingerprint jewellery