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  • January 08, 2020 1 min read

    Today was a big day for us, and it involved a simple scribble. We have spent the last eight years transforming children's drawings into personalised jewellery. We have made soooo many super cute pieces, and we love seeing your little one's doodles. Our youngest son Noah, who is an autistic eight year old and all round super star, came home from school today clutching his very first recognisable drawings.

    Given he has only fairly recently shown any interest in mark making, very much at the 'prod paper with pen, draw random line' level, we were really amazed at what he had produced and must admit these drew a tear. We will definitely be making ourselves jewellery from these doodles, as they represent so much more than a scribble to us. These are a glimpse of the Noah that we can't reach, a sign of his development, and ultimately hope for communication. Life without words can sometimes be very frustrating, and when we are having one of 'those' moments, I have to step back and imagine what it must be like to be Noah, with all his thoughts and wants whirling inside, with no way of getting them out. 

    I will share a photo of what we make using these - it's going to be tough deciding which drawing to use, and whatever it ends up being, have a feeling we won't ever take them off. A very happy beginning to 2020 indeed! 

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