Memorial Jewellery using a fingerprint, handprint or footprint

October 01, 2015 1 min read

It's a sad truth that a lot of our customers come to us at a time of loss, looking for a way to create memorial jewellery to keep in remembrance of a loved one. 

memorial jewellery fingerprint handprint

When you find yourself in situations like this, time is usually of the essence, so most of our customers order a fingerprint or handprint kit on its own so they can take the prints, and then return later to order their memorial jewellery. We can send kits by urgent next day delivery - these can be ordered here.

There are also other ways you can capture a fingerprint if there isn't time to get a kit. You can use our pencil and sellotape method to capture a fingerprint - full instructions can be seen here. These pencil prints can be used to create our fingerprint flatie jewellery.

memorial fingerprint jewellery

Our customers also often already have handprints and footprints taken by the hospital, and a common question is whether we are able to work with these prints to produce memorial jewellery. We will certainly be able to work with your prints, simply select "I have prints which I will provide" when placing your order and e-mail your handprints and footprints to us at
handprint footprint memorial jewellery
You can be assured that we will take the greatest of care when creating your incredibly special remembrance jewellery.

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