Gold Fingerprint Jewellery

At Hold upon Heart we work with the finest quality precious metals to make your unique fingerprint jewellery. Our beautiful jewellery is available in 9ct Gold and 18ct Gold, as well as Sterling Silver and Argentium Silver. Each piece of fingerprint jewellery is made to order using your unique prints, either foundry cast from molten gold or silver in London's prestigious Jewellery Quarter, or cut from gold or silver sheet. The use of traditional jewellery techniques such as casting and piercing, ensures you receive solid, quality fingerprint jewellery that will last a lifetime. All our designs are listed with a choice of precious metal - so you can simply select whether you wish us to make your jewellery from 9ct or 18ct gold, or sterling silver, when placing your order.

gold fingerprint jewellery made in Britain


Pure Silver or 999 Fine Silver, is very soft, and not typically used for making commercial quality jewellery, as it does not withstand daily wear, as such we do not use fine silver in our designs. It is more usual to alloy pure silver with copper to create a stronger silver, known as sterling. 

Sterling Silver is our silver of choice, composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Sterling silver is stronger than pure silver, although still requires care to preserve the polished finish. All of our designs are available in sterling silver. 

Argentium Silver is a tarnish free silver alloy which is hallmarked at a higher quality than sterling silver. Identified by its "flying unicorn" hallmark, it is purer than sterling silver but just as strong. We make our fingerprint & handprint rings from argentium silver. 

Pure Gold or 24 carat gold is very soft and isn't suitable for daily wear. It is alloyed with other metals, such as silver and copper, to improve its strength, and to alter its colour to create white gold and rose gold. White Gold is usually rhodium plated to enhance its white colour. 

9ct Gold is the most popular gold we work with, and most of our designs are available in 9ct gold. Made from 37.5% pure Gold and 62.5% other metals, it is relatively hard and durable. It has a lower gold content than 18ct gold and so is paler in colour. 

18ct Gold contains 75% gold to 25% other metals, and so is purer, than 9ct gold. It has a beautiful, rich colour due to the higher gold content. Most of our foundry cast jewellery is available in 18ct gold.