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  • November 26, 2017 1 min read

    Just wanted to pop a little note thanking our customers who have supported us over the years, and also to thank those of you who still shopped with us on Black Friday, despite us deciding to not discount our work. This enabled us to make a donation to the National Autistic Society as promised :)

    Anyway, can't stop to chat, as am in the studio working (yes, even on a Sunday). We have a large amount of engraved orders to work through this week - our lead time has gone up a bit on these but please bear with us whilst we work through the pile, it will certainly all be made in good time for Christmas! All of our castings also arrived back on Saturday, all perfect (always a relief) and so we will be working on these over the next week with a view to dispatching during the first week of December, with a fair wind anyway!

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