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  • September 11, 2021 2 min read

    Nothing in life is as comforting as a sleeping cat next to you on the sofa, there is something so very cosy about that. Our own cat is something of an old lady now and spends most of the day snoozing, I must admit, I am a little jealous of her lifestyle! Pets play such an important part in our lives, and here at Hold upon Heart we are able to transform photos and paw prints from your pets into beautiful keepsakes. We have made jewellery with some rather exotic animal prints over the years. The most memorable pieces being a gorilla fingerprint as a leaving present from the gorilla to his zoo keeper, and an elephant footprint! We also have made a fair few pieces with pet rat paw prints and guinea pig paw prints.  

    One of our newer products we are a little bit in love with are our Velvet Pet Portrait hoops. Drawn from a photo of your pet, and fused onto luscious velvet in a pop of colour, these really are rather beautiful. Here is a picture of my father's pet dalmation to brighten up this post.

    personalised pet portrait


    As well as offering these beautiful pet portraits, we are also able to make any of our handprint or footprint jewellery designs using your pets own pawprint. We don't have too many pawprint designs photographed and listed at the moment, as we have been working over Summer on updating our jewellery collections, and pawprints are next on the list. However if you see a handprint design that you would love with a pawprint instead, then we would be absolutely delighted to make this for you. All you need to do is pop a note in the Note to Studio box mentioning that you will be providing a pawprint instead of a handprint to be used on the design.

    Paw Print Jewellery | Pet Paw Prints

    So how do you get your pets paw print to us? Well, experience has taught us that our inkless print kits don't tend to work too well with pets. The best method we have found is simply taking a photo of your pets paw pad. As long as the photo is taken directly facing the paw pad then this gives a great result, and is less stressful for both pet and owner! Alternatively we can work with photos of wet pawprints on concrete floors, in sand on the beach or cast in ceramic etc.

    Personalised Pet Portrait

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