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  • May 26, 2017 2 min read

    Father's Day is just around the corner, which has led me to start thinking about what our boys can get for Jeff this year. Obviously there is the obligatory home made card, made with varying degrees of effort depending on the mood of the twins, plus there often a homemade 'gift' - these can be a little unusual, one memorable one being a pencil case full of 'surprise' glitter, the rug is still sparkling from that one! But then there's the gift that's really from me, to say thanks to Jeff for being a great dad - and he really is. I do hope our little chaps realise one day how fortunate they are to have a daddy who is so kind and patient. So this means I need to get him something wonderful, right? Here's a few of my favourite finds from other small UK businesses.


    There are some fab personalised prints available these days, from some really talented people. I particularly like this one by A is for Alphabet, as with 3 boys, our house is eternally cluttered with sneakers. You can find this and more at https://www.aisforalphabet.net


    I also love this personalised T-shirt, made by Luke Drew This - another brill small UK business. What a great way to capture those early doodles, which are so full of character. They also can capture your childs drawings on cushions, aprons and i-pad cases. Check them out at https://www.lukedrewthis.co.uk


    Chocolate is always a winner, right? And I love this gift box of chocolates made especially for Dad. You can pick your own contents and personalise with a message. The chocolates are made in the UK by Cocoapod, run by sisters Linda and Phillipa - you can find this and more at http://www.cocoapod.co.uk


    I love these Bear Hug pyjamas by Great and Small Clothing, another great UK business founded by two mums. With sizes for the whole family, these family pyjamas are super cute. Would be perfect for snuggly evenings watching telly! Find these and more at https://www.greatandsmallclothing.co.uk

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