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  • February 06, 2019 1 min read

    The trouble with working in a creative role is, surprisingly, that sometimes, you don't actually get the chance to be creative! The busy pre and post Christmas period leaves us little time to work on new designs, as fulfilling orders takes priority. This means we've been bursting with ideas for new products over the last few months, some involving fingerprints and handprints, some not, and this week, we finally made a start on turning these ideas into a reality.

    Tuesday saw us visit Not on the High Street's head quarters, for the first of our business development meetings. It was really helpful to have the opportunity to talk through our ideas, as working for yourself can be a tad isolating and its good to get a chance to run things past someone other than the cat! This gave us the motivation and the confidence to get the ball rolling with our product development, and we are really quite excited about the new products that this year will bring. Afraid I haven't any photos to show you at the moment, as my ideas are all still very much in my head, but the new supplies and tooling needed to make these ideas into beautiful jewellery are on their way, so I hope we will be introducing our new designs very soon. In the meantime, here is a picture of me outside NOTHS HQ - it was cold and I am mid shiver, and believe it or not, that dress had been ironed.... but a 3 hour drive will do that to a girl! 

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