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  • October 22, 2018 2 min read

    Wow - can't quite believe its "that time" again. This year really has whizzed by. But despite the unseasonally warm weather (here anyway), October is drawing to a close which means that Christmas is not too far off. 

    It's a time of year I love. I love the lights, the trees (real all the way here - can't beat the smell of pine in your living room), and importantly, the mince pies. We must confess to have been enjoying those since September...! Most of all I love spending a couple of weeks holed up at home with my children, winding them up into whirlwinds of excitement, and playing the obligatory Christmas games of Monopoly, and dinosaur trivial pursuit (which mum and dad are rubbish at!)


    Before we get to that though, there is November and early December to navigate. The six or seven weeks running up to Christmas are always very busy for us, as our order volume spikes. It's the time of year where I still see fingerprints and handprints when I close my eyes at night! We prepare as much as we can ahead of time, however the hands on deck remain much the same, so lead times inevitably extend a bit, and we have to operate last order dates for Christmas Delivery. You can find our last order dates for Christmas 2018 by clicking here.

    Each year we try to offer a Christmas Decoration which can be personalised with handprints and footprints. This year we have the beautiful copper star you can see above. Made from solid copper, and engraved with you little one's own hand or footprints, this sparkling star would make a rather special addition to your Christmas tree this year, and for many years to come. A perfect way to celebrate a baby's first Christmas. 








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