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  • Christmas is coming! Order your Fingerprint Jewellery!

    September 28, 2015 1 min read

    Yay! I love Christmas,as a child I would go to sleep all year with Christmas songs playing on a sony tape player under my pillow. Fast-forward a fair few years and the tape player (and indeed, tapes) have gone, but I still get that festive feeling the moment things start to feel a wee bit autumnal. Jeff on the other hand is more of the Scrooge persuasion and if he had his way, there wouldn't be a single bauble in the house until the 24th of December!
    So feeling all festive, here is one of our first Christmas offerings. A very special Christmas tree decoration featuring your little one's handprints and footprints. Its a nice size and looks really lovely hung on a tree sparkling under the fairy lights. This will be a decoration that you would cherish and bring out year after year.
    christmas handprint footprint decoration silver


    We have another couple of personalised christmas decorations that we will be introducing shortly - watch this space!

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