Handprint Jewellery for Christmas!

October 19, 2014 1 min read

Handprint and footprint jewellery makes a great Christmas gift. Our handprint charms can feature handprints from a newborn right up to an adult, and taking handprints and footprintsis really easy with our special kits.
There is no mess involved - we send an inkles wipe and "magic" paper - all you do is rub the wipe over the hand which is being printed, then place the hand on the paper for a couple of seconds et voila - you have a handprint! You can take several different prints so you are bound to get  print that you are happy with.
We can pop your handprints on a wide range of silver jewellery, we have handprint charms as well as Pandora style handprint beads. Then there are more elaborate handprint necklaces, most of these designs are exclusive to us and won't be found elsewhere. A particular favourite of mine is the handprint open heart necklace and handprint heart to heart necklace.
Even dad can wear his little ones handprints, with our handprint leather wrap braceletand handprint cufflinks.
And remember - you need to place your order by the 20th of November for guaranteed Christmas delivery - and prints need to be with us no late than the 27th November.


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