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  • silver fingerprint rings - a new addition & perfect for Christmas!

    October 12, 2014 1 min read

    Introducing our gorgeous silver fingerprint rings
    A really lovely way to wear your loved ones fingerprints – each ring is handcrafted from sterling silver and available in either a high polish or soft satin finish.
    We handcraft each fingerprint ring to the size required, but as the ring is open backed it can also be adjusted slightly to fit which is an added bonus.
    What's more - no kits are needed to take your prints, which cuts down on the waiting time a bit. All you need to take your fingerprint is a pencil, tape and a piece of paper - full instructions can be found here. We find these pencil fingerprints work best with children over 6 months or so, but as there is no kit to buy you can keep taking your fingerprints until you are happy with the detail. As we zoom in on the fingerprint detail it doesn't matter if the fingerprint is small with fine detail, as long as the lines can be seen then we can work with it. If you are at all unsure simply take your fingerprint and e-mail it to us and ask if its okay for us to work with.

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