April 07, 2020

It's been a strange old week here at Hold upon Heart. We are in our third week of staying home and staying safe. I am beginning to miss our regular jaunts to Welsh beaches, which seem like a dim and distant memory now. We know it's all for the best though and have managed to settle into a new normal and have been busy making jewellery, entertaining three children, and cooking far more than usual I am sure - something to do with the lack of school dinners and takeaways! I even made a cake this week - unheard of as am usually covered polish and not in a cooking frame of mind!

We have begun work on a new collection of memorial jewellery that centres around signatures and engraved text. It's still early days, and we have no photos to share yet, but it's nice to feel that creative energy again - am sure we are not alone in having had our creativity pushed off path during the last couple of weeks! Realising new ideas is what I enjoy best, it's always very exciting going from an idea to an actual physical object. I usually have more ideas than I have time, but maybe this strange lockdown period will give me a chance to finalise some of the ideas I have had floating in my head for a while. Look forward to sharing some photos of the new pieces soon.