Silver and gold jewellery needs a bit of care to keep it looking its best. Moisture and sulphides cause precious metals to tarnish, especially silver. The following steps will help keep tarnish at bay and your jewellery beautifully shiny. 


We recommend gently wiping your jewellery with an Anti-Tarnish Polish Cloth after wearing. We provide a small Anti-Tarnish Polish Cloth to get you started, but it won’t last forever. You can purchase polishing cloths and dips directly from us below.


Moisture is a crucial part of the chemical reaction that causes tarnish. Remove your jewellery before bathing, exercise or sleep. Never wear your jewellery whilst swimming - chlorine will turn your silver black.


Avoid spraying jewellery with perfume, hairspray and other lotions and potions. Aside from moisture in these products, the chemicals in these can also react with precious metal, causing tarnish.


Store jewellery in the box provided, which is acid-free with anti tarnish properies. Do not store with base metal jewellery or coins as this will cause tarnish.


Precious metal jewellery needs treating with care to keep it looking it best. If you choose to wear items daily and whilst exercising then it will naturally show signs of wear faster than if worn occasionally. Some designs are more susceptible to wear than others, for example, stacked pendants, or cluster necklaces where charms will inevitably rub against each other, as well as rings and bangles which are vulnerable to knocks. If you have your heart set on these designs then you also need to embrace the worn surface that will inevitably develop as part of the charm! 


If your jewellery becomes heavily tarnished and dull, there are some simple steps you can take to restore its shine.

  • Clean the piece in warm soapy water. Use a cocktail stick or a soft baby toothbrush to gently clean within the print or engraving. Dry the piece with kitchen towel or tissue.
  • Use a Heavy Tarnish Polish Pad to give the piece a good rub. These can be purchased below. Don’t be shy - give it some elbow grease. This should remove heavy tarnish like magic.
  • Finish by wiping gently with an Anti-Tarnish Polishing Cloth, to add lustre and to help prevent against tarnish reoccuring. Prevention is better than cure - clean your jewellery after each wear with the ‘Anti-Tarnish Polishing Cloth’ to stop tarnish getting a grip.
  • To return the sparkle to silver & gold chain use a jewellery dip. ‘Town Talk Sparkle Dips’ are available to purchase from us below. You can also clean charms etc. using the dip, but its best to avoid if your item has a dark patina in the engraving, as the dip will remove this. 
  • If you are struggling to re-gain your jewellery’s sparkle then we can professionally clean and re-polish your jewellery for a small charge - this service can be purchased below.