Precious metal jewellery needs care to keep it looking its best. Sulphides and moisture in the air can cause precious metal to tarnish, silver in particular is susceptible to tarnish. The following steps will help prevent tarnish:


Always give your jewellery a gentle wipe with a polish cloth after wearing. We provide a complimentary polish cloth with our jewellery but it will need replacing a few weeks after opening - Towntalk or Sunshine polish cloths are good options.


Moisture is a crucial part of the chemical reaction that causes tarnish, so limit your jewellery's exposure to moisture by removing before washing, sleeping, exercising or swimming.


Avoid spraying your jewellery with perfume, hairspray and other lotions and potions. Aside from the moisture in these, they can also react with the precious metal.


If your silver jewellery tarnishes, you can use the following method to get it sparkling clean again. Use this method only when tarnish can't be removed with a polish cloth. Do not use on jewellery set with natural gemstones or pearls. 

  • You will need a small bowl, aluminium kitchen foil, bicarbonate of soda (not baking powder!) and just boiled hot water.
  • Line the bowl with the foil. Add a couple of heaped teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda.
  • Pop your tarnished jewellery in the foil lined bowl and slowly add hot water until the jewellery is covered. Be careful as the bicarbonate of soda will fizz up, so add the water slowly.
  • The tarnish will immediately lift from the silver. Flip the jewellery after 30 seconds with an old teaspoon or plastic spoon, so both sides have touched the foil.
  • Remove after a minute and give a good rinse under the tap. Do not be tempted to leave your silver in this solution for longer than one minute, less is more!
  • The tarnish should have lifted off the silver, if the prints still look a bit grubby then this is likely to be dirt and oil in the print, not tarnish. You can clean up the prints with a gentle rub with a child's old toothbrush, or wooden cocktail stick, and some washing up liquid.
  • Finish off with a gentle rub with a silver polish cloth.

To clean a tarnished silver chain then a silver dip will work well. A silver jewellery dip will also work well on heavily tarnished charms, although be aware that if you chose to have prints darkened then the silver dip will remove the darkened effect. Town Talk would be a good brand of silver jewellery dip to use. Gold jewellery dips work well to clean up gold jewellery.



If you get leather jewellery dirty you should wipe immediately with a barely damp cloth before the leather has chance to absorb the dirt or stain. You should avoid getting leather wet, and exposing it to high temperatures as this will make leather brittle and liable to break. If you have a leather braid bracelet that is beginning to look worn then we can easily re-string your silver charm onto a new leather braid for you, there is a charge of £20 for this service.


Precious metal jewellery needs treating with care to keep it safe and looking its best. Precious metal will mark if clattered against hard surfaces, and chain links can break if subjected to force. You should always remove jewellery when exercising, bathing, sleeping or when carrying out laborious work, especially items that take a lot of wear such as bracelets and rings. Wearing several charms at once, or wearing charms on a bracelet, bangle or key-ring, will inevitably cause the charms to show wear more quickly than if they were worn on their own on a necklace, and this should be born in mind when choosing your design. If you wish to wear a charm daily whilst retaining its pristine surface polish, then a single charm on a necklace is the best option.