Memories are incredibly precious, never more so than at a time of loss and bereavement, and you may be looking for Memorial Jewellery in remembrance of a loved one. Be assured that you are in good hands, as over the years we have made many pieces of memorial and bereavement jewellery for our customers, and appreciate how incredibly precious these are. We can faithfully capture your loved one's own fingerprints or handprints in beautiful detail, in solid 9ct or 18ct gold and sterling silver. Our most popular memorial jewellery designs are featured below, however do take a moment to browse our full fingerprint and handprint & footprint jewellery collections, which offer a much  wider selection.


At Hold upon Heart we pour a lot of love into each and every piece of memorial jewellery we make. If you already have a fingerprint, handprint or footprint, photograph or handwritten message that you would like us to use, then simply order from our collection of memorial jewellery and provide your print or image to us at Memorial prints can be used repeatedly to make as many pieces as you would like. If you are yet to take prints from a loved one, then we offer memorial print kits, to allow you or the funeral director to do this.  Alternatively, fingerprints can be captured using a pencil, tape and paper - full instructions can be found here. 

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