December 04, 2019


Here at Hold upon Heart Christmas has well and truly set in. We are so grateful to all our lovely customers who have chosen us to make their special fingerprint jewellery for Christmas this year - your orders have been keeping us elves very busy in the workshop!

Orders for fingerprint or handprint jewellery received during December will automatically be given a free upgrade to a luxury gift boxed print kit. As well as print taking materials, the ribbon-tied gift boxed kit will contain a gift certificate with a colour photo of your chosen jewellery, so the receipient can see exactly what you have chosen for them.

This allows you to give the gift boxed print kit on Christmas Day, with the promise of a unique piece of hand made jewellery to follow in the New Year, plus the lucky recipient can enjoy taking prints, perhaps even doing this on Christmas Day to add extra meaning to their jewellery. 

To receive a free upgrade to the gift boxed print kit, simply select "send a print kit" when choosing your personalisation.

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