June 22, 2020


We have remained open for business throughout the covid-19 pandemic, and continued to work to our normal lead times as closely as possible, whilst juggling the care of our severely autistic son and our twins.

We don't often share the realities of our struggle with severe autism, however the last few weeks have been progressively more difficult, as our workload increased, and as our autistic sons mental health has become more and more impacted by lockdown. We simply have to give him more time to help him cope through this difficult period.

This means the making times for our products need to be extended. As a rule of thumb, please allow roughly twice the usual lead time, stated on the delivery tab for each product. This means silver and gold handprint and fingerprint jewellery will take up to 5-6 weeks to be made and dispatched. Steel and leather jewellery up to 3-4 weeks. Items which usually take a week to make, like photo keyrings and paper art prints, will now take two weeks. Extended lead times are likely to remain in place until September when hopefully, the children will return to school.

If you had hoped for a piece faster for a special birthday or similar, then unfortunately at this moment in time we will be unable to help achieve this as we usually would. In these circumstances we would advise giving the print kit as a gift in the first instance, so the recipient can also enjoy the print taking process. 

For those of you who appreciate our situation and who are willing to wait a bit longer than normal to receive our unique jewellery, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your understanding and for continuing to support our small family business. 

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